Baby Doge Coin 2.0

the superior evolution of the renowned Baby Doge. Setting itself apart from its predecessor, Baby Doge Coin 2.0 boasts a reduced tax rate of 5% for both buying and selling, a significant improvement compared to the 10% tax associated with the original Baby Doge.

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This lower transaction tax not only enhances your overall investment efficiency but also ensures that a substantial portion contributes to critical aspects such as marketing initiatives, development projects, and impactful buybacks and burns. The 5% tax is strategically allocated to fuel the growth and sustainability of the $BabyDoge2 ecosystem. For those who may have missed the opportunities presented by Doge and Baby Doge, this is your second chance to embark on a lunar journey with Baby Doge Coin 2.0. Seize this golden opportunity, where your investment potential is maximized, and join the community propelling $BabyDoge2 to new heights. Buckle up for a stellar ride to the moon!

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Road Map

Phase 1

  • Launch
  • Ave Socials update
  • Dextools Socials Update
  • CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap Listings
  • 5,000+ Holders
  • Get $BabyDoge2 Trending on Social Medias

Phase 2

  • The Return of The best MemeCoin on BSC
  • Baby Doge Coin 2.0 Times Digital Newsletter
  • 10,000+ Holders
  • CEX Listing

Phase 3

  • Baby Doge Coin 2.0 Academy
  • Game
  • NFTs
  • 30,000+ Holders
  • More CEX Listings



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